Alikiba net worth

King Kiba has hit one million subscribers on YouTube. He has been the 7th artist to reach such a milestone.

All WCB Wasafi artists have managed to surpassed the million mark. Starting with their ever first signing Harmonize,to their boss Diamond Platnumz and their recent signing Zuchu.

You might wonder why it has taken the talent singer long to reach this far. Alikiba has not been using his official account for nearly two years to upload his music. Instead he was using Kings Music to post his work. The channel has managed to have more than 500k subscribers by the time of uploading this post.

It’s right to say Alikiba is the first artist in Bongo to hit a million subscribers. This is after putting Wasafi musicians on hold. Harmonize left WCB after hitting more than a million subscribers.

The following are Tanzania artists that have reached more than a million subscribers on YouTube.

  1. Diamond Platnumz 5.39 Million subscribers
  2. Rayvanny – 2.99 Million subscribers
  3. Harmonize – 2.67 million subscribers
  4. Mbosso – 1.69 Million subscribers
  5. Zuchu – 1.43 Million subscribers
  6. Lava Lava – 1.01 Million subscribers
  7. Alikiba – 1 Million subscribers

Other artists that are almost clocking the million mark are Nandy with 840k subscribers and Aslay with 803k subscribers.