Branding is one key elements in any business that aims to thrive. By business I also mean any public figure. Today I exclusively talk about musicians. Branding is the image an artist portrays in the public domain. What are you associated with?

It’s out of one’s branding that sees you land gigs,shows,perform in some events and also land ambassadorial deals and sign fat pay cheques. Kenyan music pays and if you are doubting yourself against the cartels narrative, check your branding first.

Believe you me that Akothee was paid Ksh.1.8 million to perform for 8 people! As if that wasn’t enough, she gave a hot performance for 90minutes. The 1.8 million was minus logistics. That’s the power of branding. You know what you want.

Kenyans had roasted Madam Boss of her raunchy performance but,out of that,an Italian boy demanded Akothee to perform at her birthday. The boy termed Akothee as the real black panther.

To have the Oyoyo singer perform at your event,be ready to sign a cheque of $10,000 plus 200,000 logistics. Akothee band only gets paid 300,000