adasa ft khlaigraph jones
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Khaligraph Jones is a big brand in Kenya. His struggles to make it in the industry has seen him gain vast knowledge about the music business. This enables him to pinpoint a talented artist easily.

Nyimbo mpya

One day while she was offline,Adasa got amazing news. That her song was reposted by the OG himself on Instagram. The sexy lass couldn’t believe it. Confirming the rather shocking news,she also got blown away finding a dm from the Kwenda rapper.


Khaligraph Jones and Adasa have a song together. The project is done already only suitable time to be released. Hopefully this will get Adasa Dasa a substantial more fans.

Nipekeche singer has much in store for her fans. She is young and talented. With an amazing team at Dallas Records, we won’t wait to see what she got for us.

adasa ft khlaigraph jones

She is single since she is just completed her secondary education. Her inpatient nature makes her work extra hard to explore her full potential.