A Quick View On Sol Generation Artist,Nviiri The Storyteller

By starting Sol Generation records, I feel Sauti Sol have given back to the society. Not that fast but, here is why.

Nviiri The Storyteller as the first artist under the record label,he has not disappointed at all. This is what other record labels should learn from. Signing an artist under your label is not only to enrich yourself but also build their career.

Content wise,Nviiri The Storyteller has it,delivering is at his best. You should be ready to hear much from him cause he has just started and he got much to offer.

Nviiri the Storyteller
Nviiri the Storyteller

His first track Pombe Sigara in two months only has gained 900k views.

The latest one, Overdose in just two weeks,it has more than 250k views.

As time goes by while studying from the best,Nviiiri will be the man to beat in this music industry. Meanwhile subscribe to his YouTube channel for more good Kenyan Music.