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3 Qualities Rosa Ree Wants In A Man

3 Qualities Rosa Ree Wants In A Man

Tanzania rapper Rosa Ree doesn’t want to remain single for the rest of her life. Someday she wants to have a man of her own to start a family with.

The self proclaimed rap goddess has expressed her ideal type of husband she is looking for.

Looks . She is a star and in the limelight always. Meaning paparazzi is always on her neck. To match up with the exposure she undergoes, Rosa Ree better half have to be smart and presentable. Someone who knowns himself better and easy to get along.

An intelligent man. Despite being physically smart, the man should have brains too.

Rosa Ree Photos
Rosa Ree

Lastly the banjuka tu rapper wants a man who is God fearing.

One of Rosa Ree dream is to be a mom and a wife to a man that God will choose for her. She believes to get the qualities that she is looking for,one has to have them first.

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