2 Artists Dump Alikiba’s Kings Music Records Label

Today two artists who have been working closely under Alikiba’s record label have gone solo. Via their Instagram pages,Cheed and Killy issued their statements.

Cheed insisted that from today onwards he ceases to be Kings Music Records artists. He defends his move that is out of personal decision and not persuasion.

Alikiba record label

I love you my brother Alikiba and you know that. I can’t thank you enough for mentoring me like your younger brother. As am going solo out here,I need your blessings and support too. There is no bad blood between us and will never be. Finally pray for me whenever I will be to fulfil my dreams.

Killy also issued the same reason why he is ditching the label.

Reliable sources reveal that though the two artists worked under Alikiba’s label, they have never had any formal contract. Meaning they were not signed officially.


Alkkiba is yet to talk fully about the issue of Cheed and Killy leaving his label. A few hours he dropped a quote that shows clearly there is something going on that is not yet out.

When you help someone in need passionately, don’t expect to be paid or praised. Human beings are different. Not everyone has the same heart like yours.

His post has sparked a lot of reaction online and in due time,we will let you know what is happening.