Utawezana By Femi One Ft Mejja

Ooooooooh ooooh Utawezana by Femi One featuring Mejja is a such a big song in Kenya. Nothing unites kenya like leaked nudes but this particular song, it has united kenyans during this quarantine and Isolation period. You are missing the trending video in Kenya if you have not watched it.


The storyline of Utawezana is lit. Mejja has a way of narrative a story within a song while the baddest femecee flows well with the beat.

Femi One raps how she has been crushing on Mejja.
But she fears landlord hitmaker libido issue because of his belly. She asks him if he can smash her with that belly and minus hesitation Mejja replies that yes he can!

Mejja on his side,expresses his feelings towards Femi One. The Kansol member in a humours way,he compares his love to Femi One like the way he does to tumbler. In all Mejja videos,you won’t miss Mejja with a tumbler. You all knows what it means & the use.

Verse two,the song goes dipper. Mejja flirts Femi One till she gives in. She offers her cookie with two conditions. That Mejja won’t tell anybody that she laid her down. Lastly,not to “chew” her if he got a small “banana”. Okonkwon promises not to tell the lucrative offer even to her boss, King Kaka.

You want to know how it went down in verse 3? Watch the video below. You can also participate in the #UtawezanaChallenge like the viral lady Azziad Nasenya.

This is the second jam that the two have done so far.